While offering programs to other unique destinations, we are especially focusing now on Cuba -- before it changes dramatically in it’s culture and appearance due to increased tourism from countries world-wide.

LEGALLY enjoy a very special People-to-People experience on the long-time passionately desired, but mysterious classified illegal “Forbidden Island."

Discover Cuba, a land frozen in time from the 1950s -- yet possessing a surprisingly vibrant and contemporary art, cultural and intellectual life – an experience different from that of most any other place on earth.

Be one of the privileged few to meet artists, poets, musicians, performers, photographers and others to explore an intriguing “time warp” filled with:

  • 50’s vintage U.S. automobiles
  • Awesome Art Deco and Colonial architecture
  • Historical haunts of the famous and infamous... Ernest Hemingway and 1920s Mobsters
  • An Eco-friendly landscape flowing with sugar cane fields, pristine waters and verdant mountains

Yes, a vibrant and enchanting encounter with friendly folks moving to captivating “Salsa” dance rhythms while enjoying some locally produced world-famous rum!

• Conducted under License of the U.S. Department of Treasury •

How to make Your Reservation

  1. Review the Sample Itinerary.

  2. Review all information provided on the PDFs found on the Info Page .

  3. Use the Contact Form to send us an inquiry regarding:

  • Your interests in visiting Cuba
  • Desired venues and attractions
  • length of stay on the island
  • Possible dates of travel
  • Number of people in your group
  • Any special requests
  • If an organization - please describe it fully.

Thereafter, you will receive additional information and required official documents via E-mail.